August 2018

In Quest of the Deeper Life

In my travels across the church, I have discovered that we have many committed, generous, and gifted people. Thank God for them. I have also become poignantly aware that we desperately need people of great spiritual depth! Such people are not cast in molds and produced instantly. They are chiseled out, like statues, over time. They are unsettling to status quo Christianity, but they blaze new trails.

The Beautiful and Messy Call of a Missionary

Within the treasure chest of missionary inspirations, David Livingstone’s question is found: “Cannot the love of Christ carry the missionary where the slave trade carries the trader?” His ministry in the 1800s focused on slavery in the heart of Africa. Livingstone’s true north was that the love of Christ for His world is a radically invasive, all-consuming, inclusive, and courageous plan of rescue and redemption carried out through the vessel of the missionary.