November 2018

Passing Along the Family Business

Holiness Today (HT) sat down with Pastors Chuck Sunberg and Cara Shonamon, a father-daughter team serving as co-pastors of the Shawnee Church of the Nazarene in Kansas, USA.

HT:  Chuck, I’ll start with you. Tell us briefly about your call to ministry and particularly about raising your family in the pastorate and on the mission field.

Resurrection Journeys

“We believe in the resurrection of the body.” This has been the key Christian confession from the very beginning. The resurrection of Jesus changed everything.

The first disciples transitioned from hiding due to fear of death to boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, whom they had encountered after He rose from the dead. Very few Old Testament passages seem to say anything hopeful or positive about death. Yet, the smaller New Testament does not shy away from speaking of death as a defeated foe because of the hope that Christ’s resurrection brings.