More Than a One-Hit Wonder

More Than a One-Hit Wonder

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Popular music has a history of “one-hit wonders” – groups or individuals who have a break out number one hit song but are rarely heard from again, at least on the music charts. 

As you read this, perhaps one such song is going through your head.  Some of these songs were so impactful and sold so many albums for the artist that its a wonder the success could not be repeated. 

Some of these artists continued playing music, while others simply faded away into memory, even choosing new professions and living off the royalties of the one hit that gave them their short burst of fame. This one-hit wonder idea is not limited to music, of course.  Virtually every sport has athletes that burst onto the scene with great numbers only to fade into obscurity.

Jesus had all the makings of a “one-hit wonder.”  He burst onto the scene in an out of the way place and began to attract serious attention, only to have His ministry come to an abrupt halt in a terrible state-sponsored execution (a crucifixion!). 

How quickly the work of Jesus, work that many believe only formally covered about a 3 ½ year span, could have disappeared.  How quickly the few dedicated followers could have lost all hope and moved on to the “next big thing.” 

However, the fact that people like us are still writing and talking about Jesus 2,000 years later demonstrates that Jesus was much more than a one-hit wonder! 

The resurrection of Jesus demonstrated God’s unfailing love (see 1 Cor. 15). The power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers demonstrates that this new kingdom Jesus spoke about was not a trendy anomaly (see Acts 2). This was to be an eternal kingdom, one that will eventually fully replace the “kingdoms of this world” once and for all (see Revelation 11:15).

So, in an inconsistent world filled with one-hit wonders and fly-by-night plans, let us reaffirm our anchored hope in the only kingdom that will never end!  Let us recommit ourselves at the beginning of 2018 to measure all things by the standards of this eternal kingdom, built upon the foundation of God’s love, demonstrated through the person and work of Jesus, and sustained by the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for the Week:

Dear Lord, no matter what trials await us tomorrow, may we never forget the blessings you have shown us. Help us cling to you as our anchor. Help us remember your steadfast love and faithfulness for us in all things. In Jesus' name,  Amen.  (Prayer by Alistair Begg)

Charles W. Christian is managing editor of Holiness Today. 

Written for Coffee Break with Holiness Today