Saturating the Youngest Hearts with Scripture

Saturating the Youngest Hearts with Scripture

Listed below are some ways to plant the seed of God’s Word in children’s hearts so that they, too, might find their hearts saturated with Scripture and enfolded in Christian fellowship.

  • Use the memory verses included in Sunday school curriculum.
  • Show videos that teach and encourage memorizing Bible verses (for example, Clyde vs. Verses, The Foundry Publishing).
  • Offer Children’s Bible Quizzing, even if not everyone chooses to compete.
  • Have kids write or draw “God Sightings”: places or ways they saw God working in the last week.
  • Split Sunday school classes into age groups and have age-appropriate Bibles available to each class. Have young readers read Bible verses aloud to the class.
  • Once a month, have a kid’s worship service with other children serving in leadership roles.
  • Host VBS (Vacation Bible School). This is a great way to make learning God’s Word fun!
  • Participate in district children’s events.
  • Provide lock-ins/Kid’s Night Out events with Bible-themed games and activities.
  • Send kids to church camp.

While this list may only scratch the surface of ideas and techniques, the most important point is that people of all ages need to have Scripture written on their hearts. I believe that you are never too young to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and arming our kids with His Word will prepare them for battling the temptations that await us all.

Rachel Mormino is children’s pastor at Independence Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Independence, MO, USA.

Holiness Today, Jul/Aug 2018