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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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Holiness Concentrations

While holiness has been God’s plan from the time of Moses (Leviticus 19:2, among many other passages), holiness denominations are relative newcomers in the world.

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The English Reformation

It may seem a stretch to try to connect the sixteenth century English Reformation with the Wesleyan movement, but given John Wesley’s ministry as a priest within the Church of England and his vital role in the formation of the Wesleyan movement, t

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The Anabaptists: From Shadows to Light

This year the Protestant world turns its face toward Wittenberg to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many voices participated in the events of those years roughly around 1500-1648.

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Pushing the Reset Button

My computer often reminds me of important spiritual truths. For example, when it begins to respond sluggishly, erratically, or unreasonably, I perform a “System Restore” exercise that resets all operations to an earlier point in time.

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On the Beautiful Pairing of Coffee and Campus

It was February 14, 2004, and I was sitting across the table from the store manager of our local Starbucks in Westerville, Ohio. After about ten years as a youth pastor, I found myself with a craving. It wasn’t caffeine that I needed.

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A Unique Place in Time

The managing editor of Holiness Today sat down with Nazarene missionary Brad Thomas,* a physician serving with his family in the Middle East, to learn about their unique ministry.

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