August 2010

Filimão Chambo: A Man of Faith

Tell us about your parents:
My father, Manuel, now retired, was a pastor, superintendent of the Maputo District, and teacher at Seminario Nazareno em Mozambique. My mother, Bessie, pastors Maputo Central Church and will retire this year. She has been there for nearly 15 years and averages around 2,500 in Sunday worship. They have planted six churches since she has been pastor. I'm proud of her!

I have four brothers (two have passed away) and one sister.

Growing Up in Luther's Shadow

The bestselling toy in the history of the German-based Playmobil toy company is Martin Luther. Putting Martin Luther on the market for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation was quite an ingenious strategy. A great deal of hype surrounds Martin Luther in Germany in 2017, including television specials, publications, and year-long events in various cities.

Rediscovering Confession

The Greek word for “confess” is homolego.  Literally, this word means “to say the same thing” (homo=same; lego= to say).  Confession is a type of agreement, and for Christians, it is coming into agreement with God: “God, I agree with you about my need for you.”  In regard to sin, it is saying, “God, I agree that my ways are wrong, and your ways are right.”  It is a kind of “coming clean” and moving from a place of hiding to a place of openness and, ultimately, of freedom.  Being a Christian begins with confession. 

Q&A: How can we explain holiness to children?

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Q: How can we explain “holiness” to children?

A: First, let’s talk about why teaching about holiness is crucial to our children’s faith.

We can trust and depend upon God because He is holy. When kids learn that God is holy, it creates a life-long foundation of trust in God.

We become who we worship. Kids must understand God rightly to become holy as He is holy. Children are evangelists. Children love sharing what they’ve learned. Teach your child about holiness and soon the whole neighborhood might understand it.