June 2011

Seung-An Im: Leading with Vision In Korea

Q: What was your childhood like?

A: I had a very difficult childhood. I was very poor, and at the age of seven I lost my mother. I often went without food or warm clothes.

In the sixth grade my friend invited me to a small Nazarene church. I attended it only two or three times, and then went to my sister's house for the winter vacation. When I returned, I learned that the Sunday School teacher had been asking where I was and if I was okay. This touched my heart, and I started attending church regularly.

Q&A: What happens in my local church?

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Q: Why can't I know what happens in my local church? What happens behind closed doors at church board meetings, with clergy and lay leadership, is important to me. How can my local church be more transparent?

Perception is as important as reality. The church and its leaders need to appear transparent as well as be transparent because it builds trust and deters critics. Transparency in church finances builds donor confidence.