August 2011

The Places with the Most ___________.

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Country with the most __________.
The U.S. has more professing Christians than any other country, and it has the most Evangelical Protestants. In almost every Nazarene category, it is the leader as well. So the following questions are looking for the second-largest country.

If you are a real trivia buff, try to answer each question without looking at the explanatory paragraph. We've put clues in the second paragraph to help those who want just a little more information.

Healing In Jesus' Name

NMO Seeks Volunteers Ready to Go. To serve. To minister.

In the mountains of Ecuador lies a community of Quichua Indians. A medical team arrived and set off for the North Andean Field with missionary and nurse Carolyn Rich to hold clinics. As the team set up the clinic at a small church, people came from every direction needing care for their aches, wounds, fevers, and diseases. The team worked for hours and closed the day feeling exhausted.