May 2012

Affirming Inspiration

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As Nazarenes, we affirm the full inspiration of the Bible. We affirm that the Bible inerrantly reveals the will of God for us in all things necessary to our salvation.

The Church of the Nazarene, from its origin, has not made a claim about "how" the Bible came to us. The strength of our Manual statement (Article of Faith IV) on the Bible is what it does not say about the "how" of the Bible's history.

The Bible is an intricate, complex, and beautiful document. When we read it we are only seeing the final product of an even more complex history.

Q&A: How Did God Come to Exist?

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Q: If God created everything, how did He come to exist?

A: This question has occupied philosophers and theologians for centuries. It is a sub-set of the question about the existence of God.

Perhaps the most famous proof for the existence of a Divine Being is Anselm's (1033-1109) ontological argument. It has been refuted and refined countless times over the ensuing centuries.