September 2012

Make Room for Family

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In this issue of Holiness Today our focus touches the concerns of family: Being family, helping families, and cherishing families in the Body of Christ. When I think of family, St. Paul's words come to mind: "Make room for us in your hearts" (2 Corinthians 7:2a).

I once heard a definition of friendship by Elbert Hubbard that said: "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." In a similar vein, some would say a family knows all about you and still loves you.

Are We Christians?

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It was an ordinary day. The weather was ordinary. The work was ordinary. Life seemed ordinary. But a divine appointment had been made for that Saturday afternoon.

Phabujom, a Hmong village in northern Thailand, is one of many villages in the mountain areas located at the end of a road. Although Phabujom does see a small number of tourists trek through the village, it is not a tourist destination; no trinket stands, no stores to entice passing travelers, no "cultural sideshows," and no advertising signs of any kind.

The Screwtape Letters Meets a Charitable Discourse

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My Dear Wormwood,

I am writing to commend you on your most excellent strategy for dividing the body of our Enemy. They have all but forgotten the admonition of their ancient hero, Paul, to keep their eyes on the goal of knowing the One who causes us such grief. You now have them debating their differing viewpoints in a tone and tenor that more befits the way we converse in the pits of our fiery home than in the spacious confines of theirs.

In God's Waiting Room

Certain things you expect to happen in life, things you would include if you were to write your life story. As a child, I was never one to 'dream' about being a mom. Even when I got married, the thought of having children wasn't really on my radar. Eventually, things changed. Call it the mommy instinct or the next stage of life, but something went off in my head, and I was ready. Naturally, I expected to get pregnant and start a family.

Women in Ministry: Conviction or Culture

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The mission statement of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City includes the intentional phrase "to prepare men and women for the practice of Christian ministry." At NTS this academic year, 63 women are preparing for ministry. The majority of these women are preparing for pastoral ministry in answer to God's call in their lives. They are committed Christians. They are actively pursuing the preparation process prescribed by the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.

Nazarene Connections: Irvine Boal

Born and raised in Glasgow and a lifelong Nazarene, Irvine Boal now lives in Troon, Scotland. He is a member of the Irvine Church of the Nazarene. The names may match, but the church name has no connection to 'Irvine' Boal other than coincidence. He enjoys Indian food, is an avid photographer, and is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

Scotland is on what Nazarene district?
British Isles North District, which encompasses Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the northern part of England. Philip McAlister is the district superintendent.

60-Minute Mission

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I admit it. I was one of 'those' moms. You know: the mother who worries no one else could provide for her child like she could, worried about routine and schedule more than cuddle time. I was a working mom and Sunday services were a precious oasis of rest. I enjoyed the music, the sermon, the community. But mostly I just loved being able to sit still.