January 2013

The River of Life

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I was in a prayer service one evening, praying for a family whose 38-year-old wife, the mother of three precious girls, had died. The Lord gave me this word picture, which I wrote for the family.

A few days ago you, and your family were walking joyfully through the beautiful prairies of life, enjoying each other and anticipating the future. One morning a tragic event plowed a deep and jagged ravine through the middle of your family, changing each of you forever. From this day forward your family will walk along that ravine.

Smooth Transitions

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When a pastoral change involving a long-term, previous pastor takes place, it is not unusual to hear the statement, "The new pastor will be a sacrificial lamb." The assumption is the church will go through some really trying times. Many people will leave. The new pastor is condemned to short tenure. What a tragic defeatist attitude to take. Since it is God's church, what he does should set an example for how people should interact when change takes place in our lives.

Q&A: A History of Article IV (Scripture)

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Q: Some say that Article IV (The Holy Scriptures) has changed quite a bit over the years in the Church of the Nazarene's Articles of Faith. I didn't think that was accurate.

A: To put it simply: they heard wrong. The Church of the Nazarene's official position on Scripture has been the same since 1928, when the General Assembly undertook a major overhaul of the Manual, including its Articles of Faith. Here is how Article IV reads now as well as in 1928:

IV. The Holy Scriptures

Mark Louw: Leading in Asia-Pacific

Mark Louw is the Asia-Pacific Regional director for the Church of the Nazarene. He was elected to that role in August. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, his career path has taken him from a major in the South Africa Infantry Corps to pastor in California and then to missionary in West Africa. He and his wife, Linda, have four daughters, Kathryn, Kirstin, Johanna, and Alexandra.