March 2013

Because He Lives

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Port au Prince, Haiti. Tuesday. January 12, 2010. 4:53 p.m.

It came without warning. No time to prepare—not even time to think about a best reaction. It just happened. And in those moments I realized that I was at the mercy of a force beyond reason. I had no time to be afraid or to think about injury or even dying.

Can You Relate?

During the second week of Lent, I flew to Nashville to participate in several prayer events. Throughout the flight, my thoughts and prayers were focused on a gathering in downtown Nashville where I would be speaking that evening. As the plane landed, my attention turned toward immediate details, including car rental. God unexpectedly interrupted my thoughts: "What do you expect to happen tonight?" I answered, "Well, I expect you to be there!"

Why I Stayed

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There have been many discussions, anecdotes, and studies surrounding how the church has failed to capture the imagination and hold the attention of young adults. When I was recently asked to share my testimony, I began to realize the debt that I owe to the church and why the church continues to be relevant to my spiritual journey.

Life Needs You Back

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In 2008, I signed up for a Twitter account. I had been watching the development of that technology since its inception by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Twitter, the name selected for this emerging technology, was based on the definition of the term: a short burst of inconsequential information.

What Does it Mean to be Wesleyan?

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When Jesus was asked what was God's most important requirement of us, He said that it was to love God with one's whole being. He added that loving other people in the same way as one loved one's own life was equally important (Mark 12:28-34). Today, the idea of people loving in this way seems like an idealistic dream, practically unattainable, in a world of terror, injustice, prejudice, war, and hate.

The other 119 hours

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'Most teenagers and their parents may not realize it, but a lot of research in the sociology of religion suggests that the most important social influence in shaping young people's religious lives is the religious life modeled and taught to them by their parents.'1

Q&A: Building Trust Between Pastors and Church Boards

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Q: How can church boards and pastors learn to trust each other? How is trust built?

A: The level of trust may determine whether your church board thrives or flounders. Teams that are characterized by high trust are most often also characterized by other critical elements such as unity, cohesiveness, productivity, even fun. However, while high trust can grow a team beyond expectations, low trust can fracture a team beyond recognition.

A Woman's Voice in India

Thienkim 'Kim' Singson is superintendent of the North East Indian District, which is based in Churachandpur, Manipur, India. She succeeded her husband, T. S. Singson, who passed away in April 2001. Kim is the first female district superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene in all of the Eurasia Region. She has three children: Jenny, Samuel, and Daniel. Jenny is the district president for Nazarene Missions International (NMI) and also works extensively with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and Child Development Centers.

From Genocide to Grace

In 1994, the East African nation of Rwanda experienced a genocide culminating from a civil war that started in 1990 leaving up to a million people dead.

Caritas Mukarurangwa, now pastor of Nyamyuba Church of the Nazarene, was almost one of those statistics of genocide.