April 2013

Signs of Revival

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It is impossible to consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ without thinking of potential applications in the present. While we firmly believe in the literal, physical resurrection of our Lord, we also do no damage to this truth when we allow the resurrection event to serve as a metaphor for the shared life of the church.

70 Years on the Sea

Two of the widest smiles arrived at our door one Sunday morning, wearing their Sunday best. I was wearing my pajamas. Travis and Katherine Evans had come to my house to pick us up for church. While Katherine assisted my sister, Travis patiently helped me brush my teeth, comb my hair, and get dressed. It takes a lot of love and dedication to invest in children in such a way.

God's Social Network of Grace

Some sermons bomb. Others ignite. I've had my share of sermons that bombed.

But this day in Kiev, Ukraine, was different. The meeting hall, located in an office space, is the central church of our Nazarene work on this relatively new field. It was my first time here, and Pastor Vova (Volodynmyr Masyuk), a thin, angular man, serves as both pastor and district superintendent.

The Great Escape

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On Good Friday each year in the Philippines, we observed tens of thousands of religious pilgrims walking many miles, passing our seminary campus, to get to a holy site in Antipolo City. "Flagelantes" beat their bare backs with whips till their blood flowed. Some pilgrims struggled to carry heavy crosses. Other presented their bodies to be nailed to crosses.

Margarita's Message

Eight hours north of Guatemala City is a town called Fray. Near Fray is the remote village of Maguila, which does not appear on most Guatemalan maps. Simply getting to Maguila requires a 25-minute car ride on dirt roads or a 50-minute walk through the rugged terrain.

Our group arrived at the village earlier in 2013 on a rented school bus anticipating great things. At the same time, we had no idea what to expect.

Teens and Bullies: Coping Tips

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Bullying happens for so many reasons. Sometimes, kids are hurting and focus their anger on other students. Jealousy is a factor. But sometimes, bullies strike because they want to show off, or someone puts them up to it. Once the process starts, it can be hard to stop it.

Here are some tips to help you know if you are being bullied, and then, what to do about it.

At School

Bullying happens in several forms:

The Good Fight

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It was a circular conversation over who was pulling more weight on the home front. In short, we were having a chore war. And each of us had drawn a battle line. We both dug in our heels and were dead set on proving the other person wrong.

"It would be nice if you could actually lend a hand on occasion," Leslie said, sardonically.

"Seriously?" Les retorted. "You're actually going to say I don't help out?"

"Do I need to?"


"Okay, then, you don't help out."

Getting a Job

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So you think you're ready to get a job?

Here are some things to consider:

What kind of work do you want to do? Sometimes, teens take what they can get, but it never hurts to try first for something that might fit your skills levels, abilities, and interests. Think about what you like to do and what you hate to do and start seeking employment in the areas that interest you.

Q&A: Standing up Without Sounding Harsh

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Q: I find a prevalence of people (including Christians) who believe it is okay to live together before marriage. I am baffled by how clergy and parishioners excuse this as no longer being sin. I am recently engaged to be married and have been asked repeatedly if my betrothed is going to move in with me. Some express a lack of understanding and frustration when I respond "No." How do you respond in these situations without sounding judgmental?