November 2013

Journeying Through Advent with Children

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Even before the calendar says November, the images and sounds of the commercial Christmas season can be seen and heard on television and in the marketplace. Commercial Christmas has borrowed many of the symbols of Christmas while forgetting the meaning connected to those symbols. How do parents, grandparents, and teachers in the church present Christmas to the next generation amidst the chaos?

Church Planting in Papua New Guinea

This church-planting story comes from Papua New Guinea, and is told by Harmon R. Schmelzenbach, strategy coordinator for the Melanesia and South Pacific Fields, on the Asia-Pacific Region:

This last year our Papua New Guinea Islands district superintendent and team leaders were finishing up a couple of intense weeks of training deep in the interior of the rugged island of Bougainville. They knew that in order to catch the only flight out in many days, they would want to leave by four-wheel-drive truck no later than 2:00 AM to give themselves plenty of time.