February 2014

What's in a Building?

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As a somewhat awkward junior high kid at Western Oaks School in Oklahoma City, I took a drafting class. We had a drawing table, a T-square ruler, some big tablets of paper, and sharp pencils. We tried to draw plans for building projects on a very basic level. I thought I might want to be an architect someday. Of course, that was just one of many possible vocations I considered. Mostly, I wanted to do something that would make me wealthy. For the record, I am neither an architect nor wealthy.

Ministry, Mission, and Pies

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Jerry Frye has been pastor of the Eldon, Missouri, Church of the Nazarene for close to 40 years. In those three-plus decades, the church has expanded and has become more community minded
and world conscious. One way that has occurred is through the church's focus on missions. And that focus has sharpened through its pie ministry.

How did the church get started with a pie ministry?