April 2014

Renewal of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

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In the hectic pace of life, it is far too easy to get off balance with maintaining healthy and holy lifestyles. As employees, parents, caretakers, students, athletes, coaches, well, you name it—we often find ourselves in situations where we do not have time or options for those much-needed breaks.

But finding time for renewal of the body, mind, and spirit will help us keep ourselves healthy both physically and spiritually.

We Believe

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Jesus concluded the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:24-27) by comparing two very different construction methods of two different home builders.

The first builder took the easy route by building his house right on the ground's surface. Not a good idea since the soil was sandy. The second builder took the extra effort to build his house on the foundation of a solid rock. Rain and wind had no effect on this house. Its foundation went deep below the earth's surface.

We Have Something to Say

Meet some of the Holiness Today bloggers, young ministers who are passionate about their personal faith and their public service to Christ and the church.

Don't Forget the Joy
by Olivia Craker Metcalf
Money. What a sensitive subject. Jesus is clear in saying money is something that can separate us from God. It's hard for the rich to enter the kingdom, Jesus tells all who listen.

The Triune God

From the beginning, the Christian church has proclaimed its fundamental belief in the triune God. The theological doctrine of the Trinity states that God has appeared at various times in history as three distinct, independent persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—while simultaneously existing as a single, unified being.

Frank Moore Shares about Life

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Pekin, Illinois. Then my parents moved back to the family farm near Bald Knob, Arkansas, where I grew up. We raised soybeans and corn, and had 20,000 laying hens.

Where did you meet Sue?
We met as students at MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU). I was in the second graduating class from MNU; she was in the fourth class.

Compassion in a Box

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"Why is the food pantry box in the corner?" Talia asked.
With deep concern etched across her face, Talia pointed to the wooden box nestled back in the far corner of the sanctuary. Without her extended arm I wouldn't have noticed the box resting outside primary lines of vision. Situated in the corner, the box and all it symbolized was easily overlooked and conveniently forgotten. This concerned Talia.

The Story Behind the Face

As we sat in the waiting room just outside the coronary care unit at University of Maryland Hospital a middle-aged woman, who looked as if she had been camping out in the waiting room, sat alone. At one point she shared how her husband had been slowly deteriorating and had been in desperate need of a heart transplant. She said that he had received a heart from a young man who died in an accident in Harford County just the week before. Thanks to a new heart, her husband had a renewed hope that he had a few more chapters in his story.

Q&A: Whims and Welcomes

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Q: How can I know if it's really God calling me or just a whim?
A: I sat holding on to the seat in front of me as if there was some unseen force pulling me out of my seat, and I was not ready to move. Was it God calling me to overseas ministry or just the intensity of the moment? I was a freshman in college. I wanted to do what God wanted me to do, but there were so many unanswered questions and what seemed to be too many hurdles.

Q&A: A Generational Shift

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Q. My son graduated from a Nazarene university. When he moved to take his first job, he attended the local Nazarene church for a few weeks, but he didn't stay. He said he didn't connect with the pastor or the people. Is this because of a generational shift of some sort?
A. A few years ago I asked my daughter's "life group" to respond to one question: "Why are you in the church when many of your peers are not?" The answers usually included something about strong relationships within the congregation.