August 2014

Our Global Church

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Rencetly, I attended my first General Board session for the Church of the Nazarene. I must tell you, I was impressed! Of course the organization and execution of the meeting by the many dedicated staff members of the General Secretary's Office impressed me. That goes without saying. But that's not what I'm talking about. Several key impressions surfaced in the meeting and social times that greatly impressed me about our global church.

Starting Over in Cuba

The time, January 2001. The place, Havana. The event, the Cuba District's 32nd annual district assembly. As delegates gather to elect a new district superintendent, 33-year-old Leonel Lopez, the rector of the Nazarene Seminary, washes the seminary car because he is to pick up Ruben Fernandez, the regional educational director, at the airport.

Leonel never finishes the task. The district secretary interrupts him, "Congratulations, you've just been elected district superintendent. General Superintendent William Prince wants you to come into the assembly so he can meet you."