April 2016

Choosing Faith over Fear

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We live in a world inundated with fear. A sense of danger lurks in the shadows. Our comfort zones evaporate all around us. Muggings, drive-by shootings, workplace violence—we can feel our security threatened by hateful hands. And unbelievably, now we must face the reality of global terrorist threats inflicting harm on innocent citizens. Questions roll around in our heads as we attempt to negotiate daily life. Is it safe to take public transportation? Should I cancel my next airplane trip? Can I safely take my family to a sporting event at the local stadium?

Oh, the Glory of His Presence

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The great cellist Pablo Casals, in the story of his life called Joys and Sorrows, recalls the first time he went to church on Christmas Eve. He was five years old. He tells about walking to the church in a small village in Spain, hand-in-hand with his father, the church organist. As he walked, he shivered, not because the night was chilly, but because it was all so exciting and mysterious.

Q&A: What do you do if there is dissatisfaction with a pastor?

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Question: Our pastor does not seem to be connecting with the families in our church. A few people have even expressed concerns to me regarding the pastor’s leadership and preaching. What should I do?

Eddie: Pastor-parish relations in general, and unresolved conflict between church members and pastoral leadership specifically, can be one of the most challenging aspects of church life. Your question leads me to believe your motive is noble and that you want to help in some way.

Q&A: Translating Nazarene Literature

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HT: What is the most translated piece of Nazarene literature?

Scott: Several years ago, the Board of General Superintendents released a small booklet called Core Values: Christian, Holiness, Missional. By 2007, it was available in 24 languages, passing Chic Shaver’s Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians, which had been translated into 19 other languages.

Upward, Inward, and Outward

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What does it mean to be one who affirms and embodies God’s work of sanctification? God’s holy people, made holy by God’s Holy Spirit, resembling nothing more than God’s holy One? Why does this matter for our everyday lives?

Whenever I find myself considering what it means to be wholly holy (forgive the pun) or fully God’s child, I am drawn to three different, complex, and interwoven realities.

1. Upward

My Call to Try

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Today I remembered my call. I had not really forgotten it. Yet ministry is so busy and “productive” that sometimes frustrations push out a little bit of the drive. We are left with only leftovers to give.

My memory came back to me tonight at one of our Child Development Centers (CDC) located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. We are currently undertaking an educational project there using small garden structures.