September 2021

The Surprise of His Truth

I don’t even remember her name, but I’ll never forget what she said. It happened at the conclusion of a Nazarene church service. People were streaming out of the house church in a city southeast of Havana, Cuba. The crowd seemed to be everywhere. The people had filled the house, and there were probably as many outside, looking in the windows and doors at the fortunate ones who had arrived early enough to occupy a chair inside. It was hot! As soon as the benediction had been prayed, I had made my way out the back of the house and around to the front of the building.

Companion on the Way

My faith journey with Grandma began decades back when I was a television reporter in Los Angeles. I was assigned to cover the impact of the Iranian Hostage Crisis on a local family. My coverage focused on Nazarene pastors Earl and Hazel Lee. Their son, Gary, was one of 52 Americans held captive in Iran. The Lees’ authentic faith ultimately inspired me to submit my life to the Lord who had carried them through 14 agonizing months. God used their witness and the relentless prayers of Hazel’s mother, Estelle, to speak to me.

Mentoring Moments

I can either let this nag my blood pressure to unhealthy heights, I thought, or I can try to make the best of it. I lifted a prayer asking for an extra dose of grace.

The flight from Los Angeles was overbooked. Not one spare seat. When I got to my assigned seat, 24-D, it was already taken. There were three seats in the row. A mother and two children were already filling them.

I fished for my ticket stub, “Did I read this wrong?” I asked loudly enough for the mom to hear. “No, it says 24-D.”