Q&A: Question on Ordination Requirements

Q: When it comes to ordination, are you required to be in an assigned position when you are interviewed for ordination or when you are ordained at the assembly?

A: According to the Church of the Nazarene Manual 2009-2013, the answer is yes.

  • One who is called of God to this ministry who currently holds a district license, and who has at one time held a license for not less than three consecutive years and recommended for renewal of district license by the church board of the local church in which he or she holds membership or by the District Advisory Board. Further the candidate has fulfilled all the requirements of the church for the same, has successfully completed a validated course of study prescribed for licensed ministers and candidates for ordination as elder, and has been carefully considered and favorably reported by the Ministerial Credentials Board of the district assembly. The candidate may be elected to the order of elder by two-thirds vote of the district assembly. To be eligible for election, the candidate must have been an assigned minister for not less than three consecutive years, and the candidate must currently be serving in an assigned ministry. In the case of part-time assignment, it should be understood that there should be an extension of the consecutive years of in-service time, depending on their level of involvement in local church ministry, and that their testimony and service demonstrate that their call to ministry is primary to all other pursuits." Manual 2009-2013, excerpt fromparagraph 431.3.

David P. Wilson is general secretary for the Church of the Nazarene.

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Holiness Today, November/December 2012

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