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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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Still Small Voice

I was sitting on the second pew with my eyes fixed, observing those who were arriving at the altar. In that instant, the Holy Spirit invaded my whole being in such a gentle and profound way—I had no doubt that His presence was in my life.

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A Confirmation of the Calling

God called me to pastor in Pablo, Montana, although I had not planned for it at first. In August 2014, my wife and I interviewed at a different church—First Church in northwest Montana—about an hour and a half from Pablo.

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What About Me, Brad?

My testimony is probably similar to most in that we all serve a forgiving, loving, redeeming God who was willing to give Himself for us! For those that have fallen deep into sin, this grace means the promise of freedom.

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A 180 Turn!

Several years ago, I made a decision that, at the time, I didn’t realize would change the rest of my life. I did not grow up going to church.

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Our First Estate

Having listened intently to the minister, Jim began examining his life. The talk of intimacy with God touched a nerve that revealed his inner need. During the question and answer session, Jim couldn’t remain silent.

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Life with God

One of the most powerful stories of a life-changing encounter with Jesus in the New Testament is the story of the two disciples on the road to the town of Emmaus on the day of the resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24:13-35).

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Fullness in Christ

As the son of a Nazarene pastor, I grew up hearing the church sing the hymn “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” I can still hear the words: “Higher than the heavens, deeper than the sea; Greater than my guilt, nailed to the cross; Grace that satisfies the

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